The Ameritas prescription savings card:
So far, our members have kept over $91,715, averaging 52% savings on prescriptions. The savings card beats the pharmacy's usual and customary price 72% of the time.

Anyone can use the card and you have nothing to lose by presenting the card at the pharmacy.

The discount is especially helpful.

  • If you, a friend or family member is under insured or uninsured
  • For prescribed lifestyle medications that may not be covered by insurance
  • When you are unlikely to meet your deductible for the year and hope to lower out-of-pocket expenses

At Ameritas fulfilling life is what we do daily. When lives are fulfilled, our mission is fulfilled.

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Bonus: Savings on iHear

Get a hearing test kit and advanced hearing aid devices delivered to your home at a fraction of the cost of other hearing aids. And save 10% by using the code AM10 when you check out.

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