Ameritas FLX Living Benefits Index Universal Life Insurance

Introducing FLX Living Benefits Index UL

Whether you have clients who are focused on accumulation, death benefit or income, you can meet their needs with this one indexed universal life policy.

  • Growth - Multiple crediting options including a proprietary volatility managed choice.
  • Income - an innovative Lifetime Income Rider makes it easier to provide a tax-free income stream your clients can't outlive.
  • Living Benefits - Eliminate the guesswork and preserve your clients' plans.
  • Legacy - provide a death benefit for loved ones, even if your client makes a living benefits claim.

Ameritas FLX Living Benefits Index UL is now on Winflex!

Underwriting Improvements Aiming for Excellence

We modified our underwriting requirements to make the process easier for you and your clients and making FLX Living Benefits Index UL even more competitive.

  • Fewer personal history interviews (PHI), EKGs and inspection reports (IR) are required.
  • Raising the threshold on the total cholesterol parameters.
  • Loosening family history criteria for our best rated class.
  • Relaxing cigar smoking guidelines for non tobacco preferred class.
  • Allowing scuba diving up to 50 feet for our best rated classes.

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